Landlord Gas Safety Certificates for host families

are host families landlords?

host family welcoming students

The answer is YES. When you become a host family you also become what is called a 'resident landlord'. This is because you are welcoming a short term student into your home. This means that you have a responsiblity to ensure that your home has all the relevant safety checks needed as a Landlord.

what is a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate and why do I need one?

Gas Safety Certificate

It is a legal requirement for host families who rent out spare rooms in their own home to have an annual Gas Safety Certificate. 

This means that ALL gas appliances in your property need to be safety checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer. The check needs to be done each year. Any appliance left unchecked could leave you, or your homestay student, at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s a very good idea to have your gas pipework inspected at the same time as having a gas safety check.

Bright World is also bound by the Standards that are written by AEGIS, Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students. We are fully accredited to Gold Standard and need to maintain our standards year on year. The AEGIS standards also state that ALL host families must have a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate that is issued and renewed annually.

safety checks and servicing - not the same thing

Most people will have an annual appliance service completed where an engineer comes and checks your boiler. Sometimes this forms part of a care package that you have with your supplier when you buy your appliance. However, this check is not the same as the Gas Safety check required by law when you host international students.

The Gas Safety Check you need to have is for all appliances and includes a safety check of the whole installation including pipework and all Gas appliances in the household, not just the boiler.

It is worth discussing your needs with your Engineer or Supplier before they come to visit. They may be able to bolt on the Gas Safety check when they do their annual appliance check/service.

what does a Gas Safety check involve?

An appliance safety check at a minimum includes all of the checks and tests to ensure the appliance is safe to operate, for example:

  • It is correctly set and adjusted to ensure the gas is burning correctly
  • It is of a type suitable for the room in which it is located
  • It is physically stable, securely fitted and properly connected to the gas pipework
  • There is an adequate and permanent air supply suitable for the appliance type installed
  • Any flues or chimneys are operating correctly
  • All safety devices function correctly

how much does a Gas Safety check cost and how can I find an engineer to do it?

You should expect to pay about £45 - £70 for a Gas Safety check/certificate.  If you are being charged much more than this then ask if you will also be getting an appliance check/service as well. 

When it comes to Gas Safety, you as a host family, have the same legal duty of care as a any UK landlord does. Although it will be an annual cost to you, it is still a very sound investment that will protect both yourself, your family and your student guests.

Click here to see a list of Registered Gas Safety Check Engineers

Click here to find the details of Open Rent which offers the Landlord Gas Safety check at £45 - some of our Bright World host families have used this and are satisfied.

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