UK Boarding School Guardianship UK Boarding School Guardianship

Bright World provides a professional, first class guardianship service to overseas students in UK Boarding Schools and Colleges. Our leading programmes are available at over 500 schools and colleges across England, Scotland and Wales.

The majority of UK Boarding Schools and Colleges insist that all overseas pupils have a UK guardian. Choose Bright World for a reliable, efficient UK guardianship service.

UK Boarding School Guardianship

UK Boarding School Placement UK Boarding School Placement

Bright World offers expert Boarding School placement advice to overseas parents and agents. Our placement service ensures that all our students find their place within a UK Independent Boarding School. We have strong partnerships with over 300 UK boarding schools and an excellent understanding of The British Education System.

View a list of UK boarding schools for further information.

UK Boarding School Placement

Half Term, Easter and Summer Programmes Half Term, Easter and Summer Programmes

Relax & Revise Programme
Bright World's unique half term and Easter residential programmes in association with Cambridge Melchior College; the ideal solution for boarding school students during their term breaks.

Summer Programmes
Bright World offers a selection of holiday courses available at a range of UK Boarding Schools, Colleges and Centres. 

Half Term, Easter and Summer Programmes

UK University Guardianship UK University Guardianship

Bright World offers a comprehensive, UK Guardianship to overseas students studying at UK University. Students aged under 18 at the point of admission to a UK University will be required to nominate a UK guardian.

The Bright World programme has been specially designed to accommodate the needs of international students at University whilst satisfying the Institutions requirements.

UK University Guardianship


All change at Forres Sandle Manor School

New Bright World partner school, Forres Sandle Manor, recently announced their new Headmaster, as well as their intentions to begin enrolling international students.   

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News and updates from Sherborne School for Girls

Martyn Pape, Bright World Local Coordinator for Dorset, recently paid a visit to Sherborne School for Girls, to catch up on the latest news from the school and talk to staff about our guardianship service. 

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