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Hosting an international student is a very important role and offering a warm welcome is so important to a child away from home. Some students will have a lot of study to do and will seem unfriendly and want to remain in their room a lot. This is quite normal as they have homework to complete. However, often, if you find out what they enjoy doing and involve them in a family activity, they really can come out of their shell and enjoy themselves more as they relax into your family life.

games, hikes and cooking!

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We find that if you ask students what they like, they will tell you straight away. Some ideas for activities can include a games evening. Children often love board games and they don't always get the chance to play them at school. If you are fortunate enough to have a table tennis table, that is usually a winner on the activity front too and keeps everyone active.

If you have a family dog and enjoy walking then do invite your student along. They often love to get out and about and going on a traditional country walk or a walk to the local park will be a new experience for them.

We find that a lot of our students really enjoy cooking and baking. They don't always get the chance to cook a meal at school so they love to show off their culinary skills in their host family who benefit from a delicious meal from their country.

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