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Guardianship Agency

How to choose the right guardianship agency?
Choosing a guardianship agency is a very important step for any parent. Many parents don’t really understand what a guardianship agency does and why they need one, let alone which one they should choose.

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Boarding Schools in England

Boarding schools in England are, thankfully, no longer the cold, intimidating places portrayed in Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Stalky and Co’ or Lyndsay Anderson’s 1968 film ‘If’. Since the 1980’s, when the UK Government introduced the Child Act, boarding schools in England have changed completely the way they operate in terms of pastoral care, facilities and teaching without completely destroying their most important traditions. In many respects, this has enabled the independent schools industry to enjoy its most successful period since the 1950’s.

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Guardianship Services

Bright World Guardianship – what is on offer?
The guardianship services offered by Bright World are numerous and we feel it is important to make clear to our clients all that is on offer from us:

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Host Family

The importance of a good host family One of the most important jobs that Bright World undertakes as guardians is to find a suitable host family for their students.

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Child Guardianship

Why Child Guardianship?
At Bright World Guardianships, we aim to fulfil both parent and student needs for our child guardianship service. Every day we are helping our students with various things from travel arrangements to unusual emergencies such as last minute visa extensions! Our guardianship service brings the home and family to the students and gives parents piece of mind that their loved ones are looked after.

Listed within the article is a Q and A about child guardianship and the standard questions that most parents seem to ask and receive confirmation for:

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