Welcome to the UK and welcome back to our returning guardianship students!

Well, it is official, all our new and returning students are now back safe and sound. 



We can hardly believe it but the summer holidays are now officially over and all our students are settling into their school life.


Alexander Stanislav with his Buddy, Bridget Phillips

For the most part, all our new guardianship students will have already met their Bright World Guardianships Buddy (our local Coordinator in their area) and a report will have been written and sent back home to report on their progress.  

The team here at Head Office have a tiny pause to congratulate themselves on the biggest and most successful arrival known to us and now have to buckle down again as there is an exeat weekend approaching on the 24th September!  

Around 140 students will be going to their host family for just two nights, some for the first time and for returning students it will be like going back to their home from home.  

So a big welcome back to you all and soon it will be Christmas!  

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