Wanted - Host Families around the UK

Bright World Guardianships Ltd are looking to recruit more host families to take care of their international students in UK boarding schools 


Given the continuing huge demand for places at UK boarding schools from overseas,  Bright World Guardianships, a Sussex based company, is predicting yet another  increase in the number of students who will be joining schools in the UK in September this year. 


Bright World Guardianships is a long established Guardianship company charged with offering care to international students in UK boarding schools whose parents are not living here.  These bright and brave young students are full boarders at schools but need host family accommodation when schools close for short breaks such as Half terms and exeat weekends.   With so many excellent independent schools in the UK, it is likely that an increase in demand will be evident here.


Hosting international students is a very fulfilling and rewarding role.  Bright World do, of course, pay a generous nightly rate to cover expenses for visiting children which can offer a valuable extra income to families.  More than this though, hosting a young international student can make their entire experience in the UK a happy one.  If you welcome them into your home they will actually look forward to exeats and half terms and it will enhance their overall experience and impression of the UK.  Your children will also benefit from the exposure to sharing their home with an international student and will learn about new cultures and countries - think of it as a geography lesson at your breakfast table.

 So becoming a Bright World host family can not only help pay for that annual holiday but will help to educate your own children to new cultures and at the same time make a young international student's life so much better.  for more information on becoming a host family for Bright World Guardianships, please contact:

Lana Foster, Managing Director on lana@brightworld.co.uk or see our website and use the online enquiry form


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