UK boarding schools show their support to Bright World

Bright World Guardianships - the right choice

The number of UK Boarding Schools and important Industry Associations attending our Company Conference last week was testament to how highly thought of Bright World Guardianships is.  

We have had some wonderful feedback at how impressed our guests were with the amount we invest in Child Protection and Safeguarding.  

It is so important to bring the whole company together once each year to share experiences and obtain important Child Protection Training. I believe it really sets Bright World apart and enables us to strive to be the best in UK guardianship'



So why is Bright World the right choice for parents?

Communication is key 

We always try to respond at least the same half of the day, and do not leave parents waiting overnight. Similarly, our boarding schools always comment on how quickly we respond and how pro-active we are in our communications.  

Interactive online platforms

Parents want to be able to access information that has been sent to them in an email, or information that they have previously submitted from one convenient location. 

“You have an excellent system that works really well for us as agents. It is very convenient and parents really like us. Our parents really appreciate your airport transfer system and it makes them feel very secure. I have nothing but positive feedback for you.”

 Anastasia Radko, Premier LLC, Bright World Partner Agent

Choice and involvement in decisions

We are now used to being involved in decision making processes when purchasing a product or programme and guardianship is no different. Our new Host Family Selection Tool is proving to be a great success with overseas parents who are wanting to help us to make the choice of their host family.  A fast, interactive link can be sent to our potential and current clients where they can search on different preferences to select their perfect host family.  

Your efficiency and the searching tool where you can search for suitable families is so powerful and fantastic.. Such a brilliant tool! Well done. 


Efficient travel arrangements

Efficient, safe and caring drivers are vital to our operation and we make great efforts in recruiting them.  Parents have access to an online profile of the driver picking their child up, usually within 48 hours of requesting the journey. If anything does go wrong, such as a driver being late due to traffic, then our 24/7 emergency phone is constantly in operation, and someone will be there to help and communicate with all involved. 

Screening of people who come into contact with children

All staff and volunteers at Bright World are DBS or Disclosure Scotland (criminal record) checked, and have references taken out on them. Host families are revisited each year to make sure standards are maintained. We adopt a zero-tolerance approach to anyone that presents concerns to us, and decide on behalf of our parents and students not to work with these people.

We want to exceed our customers'  expectations and work tirelessly to do so 

At Bright World Guardianships we are constantly trying to think of things before they have even entered our clients' minds, aiming to do all the worrying so they don't have to. From the positive feedback we have heard this year we think we are getting it right. 

It was a pleasure using your services for the last 18 months or so. Natasha has been well taken care of and we truly appreciate your professional services of handling the transportation for her. 


We encourage anyone looking for a UK guardian to select one that displays the AEGIS logo.  This means they have invested in being inspected and accredited by this important organisation.  This is the only measure of safety standards that is available in the UK.   

Choose Bright World Guardianships for your child - it is the right choice 

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