The second winner of the Bright World WOW Award 2018/19 is...

The second winner of the Bright World WOW Award 2018/19 goes to our Accommodation and Travel Manager, Fi Williamson for outstanding work in successfully placing students with host families. 

Some uk boarding schools have what are called ‘Exeat’ weekends. This is when students whose parents live in the UK welcome them home for a couple of nights.  For international students whose parents are thousands of miles away, this can be quite an upheaval, especially when for the first exeat of the year it seems that they have only just arrived at school and settled in.  We had hundreds of students in this situation spanning the two weekends of 21st and 28th September.  

Fi and her colleague, Leanne have been working tirelessly throughout the summer to get everything in place for the year.  The only way we can really measure how successful we have been is by reading the Exeat Phone Call reports that are made by Local Coordinators when a student stays with a host family for the first time.  We also send students an easy to complete Feedback Form.

Well, the results are in and they are really outstanding. Almost every student we have placed has had a really great time and is actually looking forward to future half terms and exeats with their Bright World host family. 

"Well done Fi and thank you for your patience, tenacity and thoughtfulness.  It really does make a difference to the team here at Bright World and, of course, our lovely students."   Lana Foster, Bright World Managing Director

We will be running a special feature on Fi and the specifics of her job and how she matches students so successfully but the the meantime, special recognition is given to Fi who has patiently and carefully placed students into their host families for the First Exeat weekend. 

If you are looking for a uk based guardian and host family for an upcoming exeat weekend or half term holiday then please enquire about guardianship here.

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