The Final WOW award of 2018...

The WOW award for the final event of the Autumn 2018 term has been awarded to Jenny Rumble. Jenny is our Safeguarding and Operations Manager here at Bright World Guardianships. 

Showcasing Safeguarding

Safeguarding and Operations is very much a 'behind the scenes' role that rarely gets showcased. It is a role that requires a careful eye for detail and a zero-tolerance approach to any safeguarding matter that may cross our path and compromise the safety and security of our students. Jenny receives regular training on Child Protection and follows our Safeguarding Policy and processes to the letter.  

When students leave school and are under our care, she makes sure that all are going where their Parents and the school thinks they are and also makes sure that all our host families have received their annual revisit and screening checks before our students go there.  

"The November 2018 Exeat brought some specific challenges which to me showed how efficiently and quickly Jenny works and what sound knowledge she has. A confidence and ability to think on your feet is so important and that is just one of the qualities that Jenny brings to the company. 

Her tenacity, sensitivity and hard work really made a huge difference to situations that occurred that were out of our control. I feel very proud of the safeguarding standards that Jenny upholds for us at Bright World Guardianships." Lana Foster, Bright World Managing Director

New term, same challenges

Our pause to congratulate Jenny and give her her award was brief as she is now busy checking all is in order for students' travel home at Christmas and making sure all screening checks are in place for the first exeat of the Spring term - oh yes we are already working on that...

If you are looking for a uk based guardian and host family for an upcoming exeat weekend or half term holiday then please enquire about guardianship here.

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