Swine Flu - our policy and contingency plans

This news item is designed to present our company policy in response to any of our students becoming infected with the H1N1 virus or Swine Flu while they are in the UK under our guardianship.

Term Time - when students are in school

Current World Health Organisation advice states that it is unlikely that schools will be expected to close if they have cases of swine flu during term time, it is expected that all Bright World students, as full boarders in UK boarding schools, will remain under the duty of care of their school should they contract Swine Flu.  Schools are or should be adequately equipped with sanitorium and isolation facilities and the best advice is that people should not be moved around if they contract the virus but to stay in bed and take medicines as prescribed by their GP - who is also arranged via the school. 

If a school does close or if students contract the virus on the eve of a holiday and are either unable to travel or go to their host family

During exeat weekends and half terms when the student is in the UK and once schools close for short holidays, Bright World Guardianships then takes over duty of care of our students.  Airlines do not allow people to travel with Swine Flu and we cannot expect our host families who have young children, are teachers or are older to take in a contagious and unwell students. 

Should a student fall ill with Swine Flu just before school holiday times and is unable to travel home or go to our allocated host family the following procedure is in place:

1.  Bright World will inform overseas parents of the plans in place and invite them to come and help take care of their child with us.  We will assist with arranging accommodation in a local hotel. 

2.  Bright World Guardianships will arrange transportation with one of our drivers who has agreed to take on this type of journey to a Bright World Care House.  The Bright World Care House will be supervised 24/7 by a member of Bright World staff.  Agency nurses can be employed at extra cost if required by parents. 

3.  Local GP will be informed of the situation and their guidance and advice will be sought and then carried out.

4. Constant updates will be sent to overseas parents who are unable to get here. 

Care in our Care House will be provided indefinitely and for as long as a student needs it.  Onward travel will be arranged either back to school or back home if they recover in time. 

We hope this situation does not occur but we just want everyone to know that we are ready and prepared in case it does. 



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