Study at Oxford Sixth Form College or d'Overbroeck's

The Bright World team recently visited the world-famous university city of Oxford to meet our partners at Oxford Sixth Form College and d'Overbroeck's 



Charlotte Hamson and Lana Foster were joined by Sarah Bradshaw, the Bright World Local Coordinator for the Oxford area. Sarah looks after students who are under our guardianship at both schools. We received a really warm welcome from the team and had a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring day.  


Oxford Sixth Form College


Established in 1988, Oxford Sixth Form College, formerly known as Oxford Tutorial College, is one of the UK’s leading independent sixth form colleges for students aged 15-19. In true tutorial college tradition, Oxford Sixth Form College offers an average class size of three students with never more than six students in an A-Level class. This obviously is where results come from as students are given such intensive and personal tuition that enables them to achieve the best grades possible in the shortest period of time.  


The college offers tremendous flexibility and much more than is available in mainstream schools, with over 30 subjects on offer across A-Level, GCSE, and BTEC. 


Flexibility is the key at Oxford Sixth Form College. If your aim is to get into university using a flexible route, then this is the place for you. As well as a huge choice of A level subjects, students can choose an exciting alternative to this well-known examination route. 


100% coursework - no examinations 

Some really good students find that they simply do not thrive in the exam-focussed environment of the A level class. Rather than study A level, At Oxford Sixth Form College students can choose BTEC Business instead. The course is recognised by all UK universities and provides the equivalent of two or three A-level qualifications. This practical and focused approach has achieved some exceptional results and some say it better prepares students for the real world of business. 


The flexibility of the BTEC at Oxford Sixth Form College extends further than the varied programme elements that are available. Students can either start their BTEC programme in September or January. This can be very useful for those scholars who, for one reason or another, need to start later in the academic year.  


"For those students who are not suited to A levels and want a flexible and practical approach, the BTEC business options available at Oxford Sixth Form College are perfect. Students are evaluated throughout the course with no examinations at the end."

Lana Foster, Managing Director, Bright World Guardianships  




We were very impressed with the facilities at d'Overbroeck's. The school is based on 3 sites located near to the heart of Oxford city centre. It is a co-educational independent school for students of 11-18 years. There is superb boarding provision for Sixth Formers which we were lucky to be shown around on the day of our visit.  


Boarding starts in year 9 and there’s a new boarding house that was completed in September 2017. The boarding house is just across the road from the new Sixth Form building in Summertown and houses 60 Students.  


We were told that the ethos at d’Overbroeck’s is firmly built on personal relationships. Students are treated as individuals who they see as being the heart of the school. The college aims to promote an informal atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable. They aim to avoid some of the formalities usually associated with independent UK boarding schools.  


We were treated to a really delicious lunch in the school restaurant. The quality of the food was superb and there were some very tasty and healthy options available.  


The Sixth Form 


d'Overbroeck's Sixth Form in Oxford is the biggest part of the school with around 350 students. The College has a new Sixth Form building which is really stunning. It is light, airy and modern and provides an excellent environment for A level study.  


We had a lovely tour of the modern hotel-like rooms conducted by the very friendly boarding staff. The location of the boarding house is very convenient as it is so close to the teaching facilities. This is quite unusual for a city-centre school.  


Results prove it all 


There is one word for the results - excellent. Both GCSE and A level results were outstanding last year.  


The top university destination from d’Overbroeck’s in 2018 was University College London, followed by University of Exeter, University of Bath and University of Leeds.  


Years 7-11 


Younger students are taught in a different part of the school and in different buildings just along the road. These years take them right up to GCSE so they can then progress onto the Sixth Form for their university preparation.  


The International School 


If you’re an international student aged between 13 and 15, d'Overbroeck's International School in Oxford has a great choice of courses to help you take your first steps in an English education. The school offers IGCSEs that can be completed in one year, two years or five terms.  


Bright World at Oxford Sixth Form College and d'Overbroeck's  


Bright World can help you place students at these schools. If you want more information or you need help with applying for a place there, please enquire now for more information.  


The Bright world placement service is free of charge and we will guide you through the application process from initial approach, to acceptance of a place. We will require school reports, a school reference, and a personal statement written by the student. Schools normally like to know a student’s level of written English and find out a bit more about their hobbies, interests and motivation to study in the UK. 




Guardianship is a requirement at both schools and we are here to help. Bright World offers a leading guardianship service to students in Oxford and at schools across the UK. We have great host families in the Oxfordshire area and can also arrange transfers to the college from all UK airports. All of our host families and drivers are fully screened, ensuring your child's safety. 


For more information on our guardianship service and to apply for guardianship please contact us today 

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