Student Guardianship

2006 Party for Guardian Students

Half terms can get pretty boring for students. We know there is a lot of study to be done but everyone needs a bit of a break from it all. That is why Bright World held its first student guardianship party on the first Monday of half term in February 2006!

Guardian Students

The party took place at the Chinese Centre in Brighton. The event was held for the benefit of the guardian students and host families and gave them an opportunity to forget about school and examinations for one day and meet other students from different schools. Host family members also had the opportunity to meet other host families and to meet Lana and the rest of the team who are involved with student guardianship.

Student Guardianship As well as being provided with a huge Chinese meal, students were given lots of activities to do during the day including balloon sculpture, ‘scoobie’ making and, for those with less inhibitions, karaoke. Several brave students overcame their initial fear and started singing after the meal! Everyone was also given tickets for a raffle held later in the day. An array of treats were offered as prizes for the lucky winners.

The day was a great success and was enjoyed by students and host familes alike. Bright World therefore look forward to hosting the next party for their guardian students in 2007! Thanks to everyone for attending and look forward to seeing you next year.

For further information about student guardianship please get in touch with Lana Sayer-Foster at Bright World Education on 01273 835745 or email

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