Stover School delight after 2013 GCSE results are revealed!

 The Bright World Partner UK Boarding School also attained a 100% pass rate in ICT Nationals, run by the OCR examination board, which are equivalent to between 1 and 4 GCSEs with 45% of pupils gaining Distinction and Merit.

 Stover Principal, Sue Bradley says ‘I am again delighted with this year’s results. I attribute the success at this level to the bespoke academic programme we offer. Pupils worked hard and their achievements have enabled them to progress successfully to their chosen course of study.’


Parent Quote: Thank you for everything you have done for my son. We are very pleased with his results.

 Parent Quote: The staff are open and friendly. The setting is beautiful which encourages a feeling of well-being and security.

 Pupil Quote: The highlights are the friends I have made from all over the world and the one to one help I received from my tutors.


 GCSE Top Performers

Gabriela Bridger achieved 11 GCSEs with 8 A* grades and 3 A grades.

Emily Morris achieved 10 GCSEs with 7 A* grades and 3 A grades.

Georgina Allen achieved 10 GCSEs with 5 A* grades and 5 A grades.

Bethany Milward achieved 10 GCSEs with 3 A* grades, 5 A grades and 2 B grades.

Annabel Kennedy (pictured above) achieved 10 GCSEs with 2 A* grades, 5 A grades, 2 B grades and 1 C grade.

Andrew Burton achieved 10 GCSEs with 5 A grades, 4 B grades and 1 C grade. 


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