Stover Preparatory School aim for Silver Status!

Stover Preparatory School presently holds a Bronze Eco-School Award and we are now aiming to reach Silver status in the coming year.

With this in mind, Mr. Appleby, together with Mr Futrell and Mr Ayer, have formed a working party and a pupil more ‘eco-friendly’.

On 30th November this Bright World partner School had its very first meeting with the children, where students’ discussed the role of the committee, and listened to pupils’ ideas on matters relating to the environment. The school also introduced The Pod (an invaluable learning resource) that can be used by adults and children alike.

In the new year the committee will be drawing up an action plan based on criteria for the silver award, from data gathered from Environmental Pupil Questionnaires and will complete a School Review. In addition, they will be drawing up an Eco-Charter, which will be displayed in the entrance hall.

Here at Bright World and at Stover we are all extremely excited about this new and important initiative and how it will increase pupil awareness of local and global issues.committee to put into practise Eco-initiatives. This will help the school reach its target of being even

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