Sherborne International still have places for September 2018

Sherborne International School still has some places for September

Sherborne International, a Bright World Partner School, has been in touch today to let us know they still have places for September 2018 in all year groups, though very limited - read on to see how to apply and learn more about how Bright World can help you to find a great host family near Sherborne School.

Sherborne International specialises in preparing international students for places at top UK boarding schools.  

Sherborne International offers GCSE and IGCSE and a Pre-GCSE for 13 year olds. 

Their Pre-Sixth Form Course is very popular with those preparing for A levels - this is a two term course starting in January.  

Anyone looking for a two week Summer programme before starting at boarding school in September may be lucky if they apply soon as there are still some places available between 15th and 29th August. 


Students will require a guardian at Sherborne International School and Bright World has worked with Sherborne International for many years.  If you need a guardian and a host family near to Sherborne School then please enquire here.  

If you want Bright World to help you find a place at Sherborne International School then we can do so free of charge. Please email us for more information.  

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