Partner School, Moyles Court School: Winning gold and the latest boarding news

Partner School, Moyles Court School: Winning gold and the latest boarding news

Catch up with the latest news from Bright World’s Partner School, Moyles Court School.

‘Gold’ for Moyles Court in the National Primary Mathematics Challenge
Some of the pupils in Years Five, Six and Seven took part in the National Primary Mathematics Challenge a few weeks ago. This challenge is a test with multiple-choice problems which aim to interest pupils and be mathematical.

For example: I am on the top of a helter-skelter facing east. The chute will turn me anti-clockwise through 630 degrees. In which direction will I be facing at the bottom?


They all did extremely well and achieved Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Certificates.

A special mention should go to Evie (Yr.6), Jimmy (Yr.7) and Amelie (Yr. 5) who each achieved a Gold Award.

Boarders’ News
The boarders have had a very busy end of term with a host of activities which they have taken part in.

On Saturday, Mr. & Mrs. Penrose arranged for the boarders to go to Bath to see the Christmas Market, do some shopping and have a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet. This was finished off with ice-skating in Royal Victoria Park with a cup of warming hot chocolate served at the end of the hour-long skating session.

The students had their annual Christmas Lunch on Sunday which was enjoyed by all along with the obligatory game of charades!

On Wednesday evening, the children took part in singing around the Christmas tree which left everyone in the festive spirit. This was topped off by a fantastic boarders’ party in the library with more delicious goodies.

Partner School, Moyles Court School

Linford are in the lead!
Moyles Court’s three houses – Linford, Latchmore and Dockens are in constant competition for housepoints. Housepoints can be awarded for both sporting and academic achievement or effort, as well as for good behaviour. The House Cup is awarded to the house with the most housepoints at the Prize Giving event at the end of the Summer Term.

At the moment, we are delighted to announce that Linford are in the lead with 6602 points, followed closely by Dockens (6516 points) and then Latchmore (5360 points). The Senior pupil who is currently in the lead with the most points is Amber from Year Seven with 380, followed closely by Farah (370) and Leo from Year Seven (290). In the Junior School, Olivia from Year Four is in the lead with 347 points, Isabella (Year Four) is in second place with 267points and Chloe (Year Six) in third with 225 points.

Well done everyone!

The Moyles Court Nativity
The students enjoyed a fabulous end of term nativity performance of ‘Christmas Recipe’ by Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Two. The children did a wonderful job of learning their lines, songs, dancing and acting roles. They performed with enthusiasm and gave everyone lots of opportunities to laugh! Well done everyone!

Welly Walk!
Children from the Early Years took advantage of a break in the weather and put on their wellies to go for a ‘Welly Walk’. They explored the beautiful countryside around the school and investigated any wildlife that they came across. They certainly needed the wellies after all the rain we’ve had!

Welly Walk Moyles Court School

The Moyles Court Overseas Link Committee
Mr Hosking and the Moyles Court Overseas Link Committee are proud to announce that the very first piece of work to be exchanged between Moyles Court and Dukem No. 1 Elementary in Ethiopia, has been posted! Students at Moyles Court can now look forward to receiving work from the Ethiopian children next term, telling them all about their school and local area. The children are excited to explore the differences and learn about schools in other countries first hand.

Cake Decorating Group show off their work
The pupils taking part in the Cake Decorating club this half term have been working with modelling paste to make decorations for a Christmas cake. They enjoyed making a Polar Bear, Angel, Reindeer and Christmas Trees. Even though the antlers and angel wings have proved to be a bit tricky, they have been really pleased with their cakes. It of course wouldn't have been complete without some added edible glitter.

Moyles Court School - Cake Decorating

Decorating the Christmas Tree
Last week, Mrs. Smith led the Junior Assembly in decorating the school Christmas tree. Each year group in the Junior School was invited up to choose a decoration and place it on the tree. The beautifully decorated tree now stands in pride of place in the Library.

What a fantastic Christmas Performance!
Bandits stole the show last Friday in a stunning performance of “Bethlehem Bandits”. All the hard work from students and staff really paid off. All the pupils were amazing – special mention must be made for Adam and the rest of Year Six.

Innovative scenery and superb singing made the evening worthy of an Oscar!

Singing Around the Christmas Tree
On Wednesday, parents, pupils and staff came together to sing carols around the Christmas tree in the school courtyard. It was lovely to have so many of the school community all together and it certainly brought the Christmas spirit into the school. Cups of steaming hot chocolate helped keep the cold (and the rain) at bay.

Richard Milner-Smith, Headmaster of Moyles Court School“Thank you all once again for your continued support, advice, friendship and belief in Moyles Court’s ability to bring out the best in your children. It is a wonderful school and the part you play in it is very much appreciated by us all. My door is always open for you, as well as for the pupils and the staff and I am always available for a chat in the car park if you prefer!

I hope you all enjoy the festivities over the holiday period and that you are able to spend time with friends and family, creating even more magical memories and traditions that you will look forward to for years to come. Wishing you a very happy, restful Christmas and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2016.” - Richard Milner-Smith, Headmaster


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