News update from June 2012 at Caterham School

On 1 April, at Daytona Milton Keynes, team Caterham, Ben Dillon (Upper Sixth), Alex Jobson (Upper Sixth) and Ivan May-Jones (Fifth Year) won the British Schools Karting Championship. 

They were competing against thirty two other school teams.

Our Kart Team are British Schools Karting Champions.

 The format of the championship is that each driver starts from a grid position that is pre determined by the organisers. Each driver races twice with the best five results counted. Ivan started 3rd and came 1st, he then started 12th and rose to an impressive 2nd only to be nudged off the track on the last lap knocking him back to 6th. Alex, with virtually no experience, started his first race in 9th and ended 5th then opted for one of two back of the grid races starting 18th and ending a fantastic 8th. Ben started from 4th in his first race but was run off the track demoting him to 8th place but he drove superbly to secure 2nd. In his next race he started at the back of the grid in 18th place and drove to a stunning 2nd in just 7 laps recording the day’s fastest lap in the closing stages of the race. These results of 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 5th and 6th matched

the scores of Altringham Grammar who were last year’s champions. The rules stipulated that the tie-breaking decision for the championship was based on the fastest lap time, so Caterham with a time of 70.198 seconds nudged Altrincham Grammar (70.273 seconds) into second place. Headmaster Julian Thomas said: ‘I am delighted for these three boys as I know that they were disappointed last year. They have worked hard to improve their skills and I am particularly pleased that they worked as a team to achieve this outstanding result. The teams from the other schools contained some top class drivers, including world champion Matthew Graham in third

placed Ponteland High School, so it is a remarkable achievement. I am very proud of them.’




In February the school’s Show Band accompanied a choir of over 3000

singers from around the country in a massed performance.

 In February the school’s Show Band accompanied a choir of over 3000


The concert was organised by Voice In A Million, a charity raising awareness for BAAF- British Association for Adoption and Fostering. Caterham School’s ‘Show Band’ was the only band that

evening - they had rehearsed with featured vocal soloists only once but shone in true Caterham style delivering a powerful backing to the enthusiastic choir. The band comprised of students and staff forming a rhythm section, horn section and string ensemble. A highlight was during the sound check when the band started to play, loud cheering and screams from the massed choir almost drowned them out! Caterham School was also represented by Megan Davies who, as part of the featured choir, provided the more complex harmonies. Originally known as the Empire Pool, Wembley Arena is one of the most iconic music venues in the world - many a performer has dreamt of playing at the 12,500 seat arena, the second largest in London. Caterham School’s ‘Show Band’ join the illustrious list of bands including Rolling Stones, ABBA and The Beatles who have performed there.


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