MPW asked us to talk about guardianship so why did we talk about Dogs?

Bright World's Managing Director, Lana Foster, was invited to attend the MPW Colleges Agent Familiarisation Trip this week to talk about guardianship and the lack of government regulation in the UK.

MPW is one of the country’s best known independent sixth-form college providers which continues to build on its reputation for excellence. Over the course of this week, agents will be visiting all three MPW campuses in London, Birmingham and Cambridge to learn more about their provisions for international students.

In a move to build on their high level safeguarding provisions MPW now insist that all their international students appoint a UK based guardian.

With Bright World Guardianships in its 19th year of operation, Lana Foster is passionate about keeping children safe in education by promoting good guardianship. Bright World's founder used her seminar to offer a rather shocking comparison to the group on UK government legislation in the dog boarding industry with that of the guardianship industry.

No Guardianship licence? No problem...

Dog Boarding legislation stipulates registration, licence, inspections, record keeping and insists on DBS checks to ensure owners have not been convicted against crimes against animals.  

By stark contrast it is 'a piece of cake' to open a guardianship company. Literally anyone can do it because there is zero Government regulation. No-one will know if you don't have a properly registered business or even a Criminal Record for Cruelty to children because no-one exists to check you out.  

“The job we do is to look after vulnerable children from overseas,” she said. “We are like any other childcare service. The only difference is that the children are not British, and therefore they fall outside of the childcare audit. I cannot believe the guardianship sector is unrecognised and unregulated by any authority.”

Thank goodness we have AEGIS Guardianship Accreditation

The agents were perplexed and genuinely looked concerned until Lana delivered the good news that parents can choose a guardian who has been properly screened if they choose one that has been accredited by the important organisation, AEGIS (The Association for The Education & Guardianship of International Students.) Following their 2018 strategic partnership with The BSA (The Boarding Schools Association) more schools than ever before are asking parents to choose an AEGIS accredited provider. 

MPW Colleges has done all the hard work for their agents by working with Bright World Guardianships

To conclude her seminar, Lana introduced guests to The KSS Guardianship service for MPW Colleges.

KSS is an independent company, wholly owned by Mander Portman Woodward (MPW). KSS has partnered with Bright World to deliver their guardianship programme.

MPW recognise the importance to have an independent person or organisation to step in for parents in an emergency and to offer support year-round.  Although by no means compulsory to choose the Bright World Programme, MPW and KSS have worked closely with Bright World to design a bespoke programme with options available for different age groups for those who do not have another solution in the UK.  

MPW Colleges - Gold Standard programmes mean outstanding progression

With the support of a good guardian, safe and secure accommodation and the Director of Studies Pastoral care system offered to students at MPW Colleges, students can get on with the all- important business of university preparation. With the small class sizes and superb teaching available at MPW they have the best chance possible of achieving a place at a top UK university. This schematic demonstrates this by showing a snapshot of MPW London results with 99% A level pass rate and 66% of those students choosing top tier universities:

Accommodation for MPW students is managed by KSS Accommodation.  For more information about GCSE, A level and Easter Revision courses at MPW Colleges or for more information about the KSS Guardianship programme with Bright World Guardianships please contact Lana Foster




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