Moreton Hall student makes it to RADA

Moreton Hall student makes it to RADA

At Moreton Hall, a Bright World partner school, one student has more to celebrate than just a grade A in her Theatre Studies A level. Drama scholarship student, Alice Williams, has beaten the competition to gain a place on the prestigious Stage Management course at RADA.

The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art offers world-leading vocational training for actors, stage managers, designers and technical theatre craft specialists. Its alumni include John Gielgud, Kenneth Branagh and Imelda Staunton.

 Alice’s love for drama began in her primary school years where she was given the opportunity to act in a range of plays. She commented:

‘From my early years at Moreton First I have been involved in every school production, either acting or working behind the scenes. Drama is a big part of Moreton life and I’ve always been encouraged to actively share my creative and unusual ideas which built my confidence and allowed me to be brave.’

As she progressed to the senior school, Alice became aware that impressive theatre is multisensory:

‘As I got older my interest began to shift towards how plays come together and are created: the power of lighting, sound, props and being part of a team. This made me realise that stage management was my future.

‘My dream has been to go to RADA. For my dream to come true is an overwhelming and surreal feeling. I am fortunate to have had tireless support from my Drama teacher, Mrs Howells, who coached me and prepared me for the daunting interviews.’

Alice’s success is timely for Moreton Hall as it was this summer that the groundbreaking start to the Holroyd Community Theatre was launched. The theatre will be a cultural hub for the Shropshire community and beyond. It will cement Moreton’s reputation for Theatrical excellence and offer national and regional theatre companies a venue to showcase their performances. Perhaps in the future, Alice might return to manage a production on her old turf!


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