Moira House School changes name

Moira House School changes name

In October we brought you the news that Moira House School, a Bright World partner school, had joined the renowned Roedean Group. We can now share with you the news that, from Septemeber 2018, the school will be operating under the new name of “Roedean Moira House”.

Roedean is keen to explore ways to develop its extremely successful educational model beyond the limits of the school itself, in order to enable more pupils to benefit from its educational success, vision, and leadership. The first step towards satisfying this vision was the acquisition of both Moira House School in Eastbourne, and Deepdene School in Hove. The Council of Roedean School opted for the move on the basis of the schools sharing both a similar heritage, and a similar long-standing commitment to providing high quality education to girls. This procurement means that the Roedean Group will now be responsible for the education of nearly one thousand pupils.   

As well as benefiting from enhanced leadership and governance support, Moira House will also receive far better investment, and long-term financial stability. The school will share in the Roedean educational model, which offers a genuinely holistic academic education, enabling pupils to enjoy their education, develop their own interests, and discover their academic passions, all within a supportive atmosphere. At the heart of the Roedean Group ethos is their vision of a stimulating environment in which pupils want to learn through excellent teaching; take responsibility for their own learning, both in the classroom and outside of it; and achieve the very best results of which they are capable, in the spirit of their founders.

"The impact of working more widely in our community and with pupils and staff from other schools is profound. The engagement with others is inspiring and always leaves you with a sense of what is possible, and education is, for me, exactly that – practising the art of the possible. If we are to be truly proud of the education we provide and benefit from, we must enjoy learning with and from others, and, in whatever small ways we can, push the boundary of our knowledge, understanding, and interest that little bit further." Oliver Blond, Executive Head.

Roedean - Moira House School


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