Moira House joins Roedean group of schools

Moira House joins Roedean group of schools

It has recently been announced that Moira House School in Eastbourne, a partner school of Bright World, has joined the illustrious Roedean group of schools.

This new development, which also sees the acquisition of Deepdene School in Hove, was made official for the beginning of the new school year. This project comes as part of the plan designed by the Council of Roedean School, to explore ways of evolving Roedean’s educational model beyond the limits of the school itself. The Council opted for the move on the basis of the boarding schools sharing both a similar heritage, and a similar long-standing commitment to providing high quality education to girls. Moira House Governors were also enthusiastic about this deal, as they consider Roedean’s growth, success, and model of operation, to be aligned with their own aspirations.

Moira House will greatly profit from being part of the Roedean Group. As well as benefiting from enhanced leadership and governance support, they will also receive far better investment, and long-term financial stability. This in turn will lead to improved facilities, and better-quality maintenance. This will come as great news to a school which, in recent times, has begun to struggle economically. 

With similar values being upheld by both establishments, this approach has been designed to secure the best possible future for both the generations of today, and of the future. It is also to provide the school with a means to flourish, and to guarantee long term stability and growth.

Whilst the unique identity of Moira House will remain, the Council of Roedean School will closely support the school, and carefully oversee its strategic operations. As part of a new staffing structure, the current Acting Principal, Elodie Valantine, is to take on the role of Head of School. She will be working closely with Oliver Blond, the Headmaster of Roedean School, who will assume the role of Executive Head, alongside his current position. Not only should this provide Moira House with great leadership going forward, it should also provide stability during this period of transition.

Schools within the Roedean Group of Schools enjoy the benefits of being part of a larger and supportive family, while maintaining their own unique heritage, staffing, and leadership structures. The Roedean Group of Schools seeks to enable its partner schools to develop, strengthen, and diversify in accordance with a school development plan that meets the aims and objectives of the Group’s overarching development plan.” - Oliver Blond, Executive Head.


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