Lana Foster is the Guest Speaker at the BAISC Conference 2010

Our Managing Director, Lana Foster is always very keen to talk!  She is also always very keen to have the opportunity of promoting the importance of good guardianship to anyone who is involved with international students in UK boarding schools in the UK.

 Lana & James Foster

James is always very supportive to Lana and helped to calm her nerves before she took to the stage

She was therefore delighted to be invited along to talk to the delegates at this year's BAISC conference in Birmingham on 8th October.  The BAISC is the British Association of International Study Centres and BAISC members are committed to:
successfully integrating international students into mainstream education and helping international students achieve high academic standards, providing the best pastoral care possible to international students  and valuing the contribution made by international students to their institutions.

The conference was attended by over 40 school professionals, Heads, teachers and boarding staff from schools all around the UK.

Lana's presentation was entitled ' The importance of a good guardian' and lasted around one hour. 

We hope that it helped to promote the good name of AEGIS, our accreditation body and helped the schools understand more about what we do and how we work.  All this is to make sure our international wards are kept safe, sound and happy while they are in the UK. 


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