Kate ‘Gruesome’ Hewson’s Boxing Battle against Cancer

Kate ‘Gruesome’ Hewson’s Boxing Battle against Cancer

On 19th March for one night only, Bright World’s Accommodation & Travel Manager, Kate Hewson will become ‘Gruesome Hewson’ in a charity boxing event for UK TV Channel, ITV.

UWCB (Ultra White Collar Boxing), the event’s hosts have gained well deserved national recognition after being named the biggest contributor for The charity, Cancer Research UK, raising a massive £2.5 million in its first 2 years of existence.

Kate will be matched with an opponent ahead of the fight which will take place at The Grand Hotel in Brighton in front of an audience of over 800 people. Among them will of course be Kate’s colleagues, although to be able to fight on the night, Kate had to sell a minimum of 20 tickets for the event and raise a minimum of £50 for Cancer Research UK. Kate has exceeded this target and has so far raised £350 but is still on course to sell more and needs your help.

Kate Gruesome Hewson                                           

We caught up with Kate (pictured above) to see how her training was going and to ask her some burning questions:

BW: So Kate how long have you been boxing and what made you want to start?

KH: I have been boxing 6 months. I played rugby at school and enjoy the technical preparation side of the sport. I want the earn respect from the other guys in the group – and of course to be the best!   

BW:  Did you have any fights in the playground?

KH: I used to avoid fights in the playground as I hate confrontation. 

BW: Tell us about how you have been preparing for the fight

KH: I have been training 7 days a week for the past five weeks and will keep this up right up until the day of the fight. We have 2 new coaches for the event who have been a huge support to me.  

BW: Does it hurt when you get hit and have you suffered any injuries yet?

KH: Not with the protection we have.  I have been hit in the face ( and I cried ). I am well protected with wrapped hands, Gum shield, head guard and chest plate.    

BW: Have your colleagues at Bright World been supportive and are they coming to the event?

KH: Yes - I hope to acquit myself well as I shall be performing in front of my family and work colleagues. And also my boss has been very generous in supporting the charity Cancer Research UK.   



Please help Kate to raise as much money as possible for a charity that helps so many people in this day and age of Cancer. The best way to donate is via Kate's dedicated Just Giving page - https://www.justgiving.com/Kate-Hewson1


Bright World will be sponsoring but Kate is still on the hunt for more sponsors. Whoever sponsors Kate the most money in certain weeks will have the chance to influence her fight – She’ll be allowing the highest sponsor of that week to choose her entrance music and her official boxing name (announced on the night and on her shirt.)

Please help Kate get the word out to as many people as possible, and share or retweet her updates if you are on Facebook or Twitter https://twitter.com/hewson_kate

Please see what your support can do:

£50 buys a scientific sieve to separate out big bits of DNA to reveal vital clues about how to beat cancer sooner

£120 protects Cancer Research UK’s superhero scientists from dangerous biohazards as they battle against cancer in specialized laboratories

£250 buys special chemicals called antibodies to light up vital, tiny parts of the cell to shed light on new ways to beat cancer sooner.

£400 is the cost of running Cancer Chat for 1 day, helping thousands of people through very difficult times.

£1,000 kits out a dedicated PhD student with everything they need to beat cancer sooner, helping Cancer Research UK to train the researchers of tomorrow.

£2,000 buys a diamond knife for slicing through cells to understand the inner working of tumours and find new ways to target cancer’s weak spots.

£10,000 covers the cost of a lung cancer clinical trial for one year, aiming to find out if radiotherapy will pack more of a punch to cancer cells and stop the disease coming back after surgery, improving treatments for patients with lung cancer.


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