IEducation meet with the team at Head Office!

Left to right : Angelina Tse, Lana Foster (with Apple), James Foster, Eliza Tse

On Thursday 25th October, we were very lucky to have a visit in Head office from Eliza and Angelina from a new Hong Kong based International Agency, IEducation & Training group, during their visit to the UK.

IEducation & Training group are a small Education Consultancy group, who were established in Hong Kong in 2003. As well as representing many prestigious Boarding School’s in Australia, their small ‘word of mouth’ company is looking to expand their drive of Hong Kong International students to the UK.

 After travelling from the local train station with Managing Director, Lana Foster, Eliza and Angelina were shown round Bright World’s Head office in Sussex. Following a brief introduction to the rest of the team, both consultants were greeted by Director of Admissions, Sheena Trist along with Admissions Manager, Carol Gill.

Sheena began the meeting by explaining that as well as working with over 200 Coed and same sex Boarding Schools in the UK, we also place students into top College’s and Universities.

Our Admissions Director then went on to explain the process of application in further detail, allowing Angelina and Eliza to understand the initial requirements.

These included the Child’s full name, DOB, most recent school report, a general idea of what it was the child wanted to study as well as any particular extra-curricular interests. This information therefore allowing the search to be narrowed significantly.

IEducation meet with the Bright World team

 Box Hill School, UK Boarding School in Surrey

Sheena explained the way in which Bright World works alongside partner schools and Universities within the British Education system and told the Agents' how her 10 years experience had allowed her to gain excellent relations with the Boarding School registrars, helping her to get quick, accurate responses to placement enquiries.

 After answering a few questions Sheena passed thing over to University Admissions Manager, Carol Gill.

Carol described her role in placing International students into our partner Universities. Carol explained that in order for the student to begin the next September, their UCAS application must be submitted in January at the very latest. With relations improving rapidly at our partner Universities Carol expressed that this was a growth area for Bright World, but one that would become a great focus, as we move into next year.


Sheena Trist (Director of Admissions) and Carol Gill (Admissions Manager)

Left, Sheena Trist (Director of Admissions) right, Carol Gill (Admissions Manager)


After a short tea break Eliza and Angelina were shown the Admissions department as the Guardianship team prepared in the meeting room.

 Making their way back downstairs, they were greeted by Guardianship Care Manager, Cory Holden and Sales & Marketing Manager, Charlotte Hamson. Charlotte began by explaining that Bright World Guardianships was the sister company to Bright World Education and that both had been running since the year 2000, when both organisations were founded by Managing Director, Lana Foster.

Charlotte Hamson

Charlotte ( Photographed above) went on to describe Bright World as one of the few UK Guardianship organisations to have gained AEGIS accreditation.

 AEGIS (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students) are responsible for the auditing and inspection of organisations in the UK and ensure that all checks are carried out in accordance with current child care legislation. The safeguarding and protection of children is something Bright World takes particularly seriously. In order to develop and tighten restrictions further Managing Director Lana Foster and Director of Guardianships, Fiona Walters began working alongside ‘Childsafe’ earlier this year. ‘Childsafe’ are a charity devoted to the welfare of international students studying abroad and away from the care of their parents.

 After briefly discussing Bright World’s mission statement, Charlotte passed things over to Cory Holden, who gave a short summary of the Guardianship department.

 Cory explained that Education Guardianship is a legal requirement for International Students choosing to study in the UK and away from their parents care.

Brightworld Guardianship team

 Guardianship team. Back row left to right: Claire Ferris, Cory Holden, James Foster (Director), Lana Foster (MD)  Front row left to right: Michelle Ingleton, Tammy Lindsay, Carol Stevenson, Fiona Walters (Director of Guardianships)

Cory, pictured above with the rest of the Guardianship team, described Bright World as a ‘centrally controlled’ company which relied greatly on a seamless Head office Guardianship team and a network of Local Coordinators and Host Families throughout the UK.

 In order to highlight the journey of a Bright World Guardianship student, Cory and Charlotte introduced IEducation to the Bright World Game. Using Taxi boards, paper money and ‘what if’ cards as props, Cory was able to show Eliza and Angelina Bright World’s extensive service, which ensures International students are cared for and protected during their time in the UK. The Bright World game gave assurance that the Guardianship team are prepared for any obstacle or event that comes along.

  After completing the game Eliza and Angelina said their goodbyes and headed out to lunch with Managing Director Lana Foster with a new insight into the interworking of Bright World.

 We hope to give the same experience to other prospective Agents who are unsure of the crucial role played by Bright World and other similar UK organisations who care for and guide International students all the way through their UK education.

For further information, or if you are interested in learning more about placement and uk guardianship, please get in touch with Managing Director Lana Foster, call 01273 835745 or visit our website.

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