Guardianship Goalposts

Guardianship Goalposts

We never like to see a child leave our guardianship programme mid-way through, however sometimes there is a very good reason...

Seventeen-year-old See Chun “Steven” Cheng has earned the chance to represent his country, Hong Kong, in the qualifying stages of the 2018 Asian Football Confederation Under 19’s Championship. We certainly don’t have a score to settle, though it would seem that Steven does!  

Seventeen-year-old See Chun “Steven” Cheng

This biennial tournament showcases the best young talent in Asian football, with the finals this year being held in Indonesia. This year’s tournament has been the scene of some controversy, due to political factors which have ultimately resulted in a complete change of venue for Hong Kong’s qualifying matches. Steven will be displaying his fine footwork against the likes of Australia and North Korea, and will be hoping to help fire his team all the way to next year’s final.

Star man Steven has now left the UK to link up with his teammates for an intensive training camp in Hong Kong, ahead of his trip to Hanoi. Everybody here at Bright World would like to wish Steven the very best of luck, we will be sure to “keepy-up” with the results! 

2018 Asian Football Confederation Under 19’s Championship

Did you know?

106 different nations have been represented in the English Premier League, but a player from Hong Kong is still yet to feature.



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