Guardianship Agency

How to choose the right guardianship agency?
Choosing a guardianship agency is a very important step for any parent. Many parents don’t really understand what a guardianship agency does and why they need one, let alone which one they should choose. Paying out for private schooling fees for children is a very big investment. For some parents the added cost of employing a guardianship company can seem like an unnecessary added expense.

Of course, if parents have a good family friend who lives near the school who they can rely on 100% and who is prepared to take on the guardianship role then this is probably the best solution for any parent.

However, in our experience here at Bright World, such people are difficult to find and parents are forced to employ the services of a guardianship agency.

Here at Bright World we firmly believe that we offer a vital service to parents and that we offer value for money. Parents who are going down the guardianship route and who are looking for one in the South East of England really can do no better than to choose Bright World.

As a guardianship agency who has been established since 2000, we have an excellent network of host families, and other people who help us to provide an excellent service to our clients.

We have been accredited by AEGIS, an important organisation run by education specialists and joined by both schools and guardianship agencies. This means that all our procedures and practices have been looked at and given the seal of approval.

If you choose Bright World you can rely on us to undertake all the necessary routine services your child needs, such as:
  • making sure they travel around the UK safely
  • making sure that all their exits and half terms when they must leave school are properly organised
    and that all concerned are aware of the arrangements.
A lot of what we do is unseen, however, parents should remember that we are always here 24 hours a day to act as their representative in their absence should an emergency arise.

The benefits of using a guardianship agency and in particular Bright World are countless and we are secure in the fact that we are offering value to money to our valuable clients.

If you would like more information about guardianship services please don’t hesitate to call us on +44(0) 1273 835745 or email Bright World directly.

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