Chinese Partners visit Bright World Head Office

We were extremely pleased to receive a visit from our Chinese Partners, B E Education at Head Office yesterday afternoon.

Taking a break from her busy schedule of School visits, Senior Consultant, Smile (pictured above right) met with Sales & Marketing Manager, Charlotte Hamson and Guardianship Care Manager, Claire Ferris (pictured above left). Smile was accompanied by one of our new student’s mothers, Mrs Fu (also pictured above centre.) Both women were very happy to meet Claire in person, after speaking regularly with her over phone and email to ensure that arrangements are being made correctly and efficiently for Mrs Fu’s son, Baron.

Mrs Fu had lots of questions about the guardianship programme and was particularly concerned with it's safety aspect. She was interested to learn about how we select our Host Families and Drivers. Claire explained how lengthy safety checks are carried out on all service providers, within every division of the company. Mrs Fu was especially impressed to hear of Bright World’s recent accreditation with UK based organisation, Child-Safe. Child-Safe is a charity who focus solely on the protection and safeguarding of International Students living away from home. In December last year, Bright World Guardianships became the first and so far only UK based guardianship company to join Child Safe’s assured partner scheme.

Mrs Fu and B E Education Senior Consultant, Smile were also extremely delighted to hear that Bright World can now provide a professional representative who can escort students to and from the airport terminal. The addition of this new extra level of care new we hope helped to ease Mrs Fu’s anxieties, which can affect so many parents who make the difficult decision to send their child to study overseas.  

We look forward to continuing our Partnership with B E Education. For more information or if you are interested in learning more about placementand uk guardianship, please get in touch with Sales & Marketing Manager, Charlotte Hamson, call 01273 835745 or visit our

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