Brunel University pay Bright World a visit at Head Office

Marketing Manager, Joanna and International Marketing Manager, Hannah Holland from Brunel University met with Carol and Sheena from Admissions at Head Office this morning; in order to discuss some of the new, exciting changes which have allowed Brunel to edge further and further up the UK rankings.


Hannah began by explaining how the University has recently invested over £300 million into creating a modern, vibrant campus which possesses an impressive range of academic, social and sporting facilities.

Carol and Sheena (pictured above) were also able to gain a much clearer understanding as to why so many of Brunel’s new pathways are accredited by professional institutions and recognised by uk employers.

 The Universities innovative courses are made up of complex structures which provide graduating students with a vast knowledge within their area of study; with many courses offering the chance for students to apply their knowledge in a working environment.


Brunel University is ranked top in London

Brunel University is ranked top in London, 6th in the UK for its Business school and 35th in the world within the Times Higher Education league table.

These wealthy achievements have seen the school named as the biggest climber of any University after jumping a massive 82nd to 44th places out of 120 institutions in the Guardians 2012 league table.

With a very revolutionary outlook on modern Higher education, we are prepared for a rise in international student applications as Brunel continues to raise the stakes in 2013.

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