Bright World welcome new Local Coordinators' Kevin Blaylock and Karen Hall.

Bright World held a training meeting last Friday for HTE new local coordinators, Kevin Blaylock (Leicester, Lincoln) and Karen Hall, (East Kent) to make sure they are ready for the start of the term.

Local Co-ordinators’ Linda Genge, Lorraine McGlone and Linda Toms (photographed above) also attended to ensure that they were fully up to speed with everything as they had been unable to attend in June. 

The Bright Worlds' Guardianship team welcomed the LC’s to share a lovely lunch whilst exchanging knowledge and information gained from the last few months. 

ew Local Coordinators' Kevin Blaylock

LC’S were then asked nicely to join the Bright World ‘Bowler Hat Club’; most obligingly, (like new Bright World buddy Kevin Blaylock pictured above) and others slightly more reluctantly. They will join the ever growing international network, which Bright World continues to advance. 

The Bowler Hat club will feature in the form of a competition at the Study World Conference in September so do ensure you keep track of your facebook page as we may be tagging!

  Bright World buddy Kevin Blaylock

 Kevin Blaylock, photographed above and more correctly attired with Managing Director, Lana Foster

 'these meetings are so important to us and keep our organisation all working as a team - I believe the sense togetherness and working as a team that we create at Bright World is what makes us as successful as we are. 


Lana Foster, Managing Director

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