Bright World Staff attend Local Coordinators’ Summer Review meet

Yesterday the Bright World Head Office team vacated the office for a morning and afternoon in London. The team travelled to the Thistle Westminster Hotel, Buckingham Palace Road to attend the Local Co-ordinators Summer review.

The meeting took place in the Westminster Suite where Managing Director, Lana Foster invited all  21 of our Local Co-ordinator’s to come and share their recent experiences. Attendees were also able to gain some knowledge about the recent shifts in the UK Educational world, which will come to affect our Bright World Local Co-ordinators both directly and indirectly.

After a brief introduction and exchange between our Local Co-rdinators; Also known as Bright World Buddies, the review commenced.

Claire Ferris and Michelle Ingleton (Pictured respectively above) as the newest members of the Guardianship Care Management team

 Lana began by warmly welcoming Claire Ferris and Michelle Ingleton (Pictured respectively above) as the newest members of the Guardianship Care Management team.  Michelle and Claire will have the tough task of taking on Jane Forrester’s students from here on out.  Michelle will be taking over Devon and Dorset/Somerset and Claire taking will be taking over Surrey with immediate effect. 

Lana also warmly welcomed Charlotte Hamson, Sales and Marketing Coordinator to the company, helping Lana with Sales and Marketing of the company as well helping to co-ordinate all social media and communications. 

Lastly Lana introduced Jane Forester's new role working alongside Lindsay Tribe, as our Host Family Liaison officer and waved goodbye to Lyn Downs who left a couple of months ago.

  New Local Coordinators also attended.

Anna Crampin (pictured above) was introduced as the new Local Co-ordinator in Scotland


Lana Foster happily welcomed Ruth Webber, Stacey Maughan (York), Pat Hiscoke who will be standing in for Tracey Welding in Surrey for the first term of 2012. Liz Trist (Lancashire) was also welcomed to our budding team along with the announcement that Gabrielle Stapleton will be taking over from Fiona Walters in West Kent. Anna Crampin (pictured above) was introduced as the new Local Co-ordinator in Scotland. 

The meeting continued, as the group were told of the importance of coming together frequently. Bright World buddies were also reminded that communication between themselves and the Guardianship head Office team were crucial in maintaining the class and standard of care, which Bright World has become known for with parents and Educational Agents worldwide.

Fiona Walters sustained this emphasis on clear communication, by asking all Local Co-ordinators to feed any problems straight back to her team at Head Office.

With Bright World taking on new students all the time, Lana and Fiona stressed the need to divide some areas of the country, so that students continue to receive the attention and levels of care set out in the past.

Stacey Maughan, Local Co-ordinator for York with Tammy Lindsay, Guardianship Care Manager

 Stacey Maughan, Local Co-ordinator for York with Tammy Lindsay, Guardianship Care Manager


York was then announced as the first area to been divided, with Local Co-ordinator’s Ruth Webber, Stacey Maughan (York) at its head. Stacey is an experienced and highly trusted member of our Local Co-ordinators team who will now join her efforts with close friend Ruth Webber, to ensure a smooth unity of care within this area of the UK.

Lana then clearly explained that the UK Border Agency have updated and refined their requirements. Meaning that all International students, under the age of 18 who wish to study at any UK Institution must take on a legal UK Guardian based in the UK. The UKBA have begun spot checking Schools with the option of relinquishing their ‘highly-trusted’ sponsor, if requirements are not met.

Along with this new information Lana stressed, that now more than ever Bright World must rise to the occasion and continue to set the example for Child Guardianship in the UK.

Lindsay Tribe, our Host Family Recruitment Manager then went through some changes to government guidelines which are to take full affect at the end of August this year. Our Bright World Buddies filed their handouts and frantically made notes so that went the change comes into place our Bright World Host Families will all qualify.

After a break for lunch our Bright World Buddies exchanged stories and strategies adding to an ever growing insight into the life of a Bright World Buddy. Those staff who had not already been Child Protection trained, were then trained by our Child Protection Officer and Director of Guardianships, Fiona Walters.

Fiona took the remaining group through the basic principles of Child Protection, as well as giving a run down of Bright World’s Protocol and Procedure in the event of an incident.

At the 3pm Local Co-ordinators returned to their areas and homes, whilst Head Office Staff headed back to Sussex to catch up on emails. All in all a successful and productive day!

We look forward to the next Local Co-ordiantors event, to be held at the Hickstead Hotel in Sussex at the end of November this year.


So what is the role of a Bright World Local Coor-dinator?

Every International students who chooses Bright World as their UK Guardian, will be assigned a Local Co-ordinator (Bright World Buddy) in accordance with the area of the UK which the International student studies. Your Bright World Buddy has the important task of visiting prospective Host Families and is required to ensure, along with Head Office, that the chosen Family has been CRB checked and has provided two references - one personal and one professional.

Their role continues throughout the duration of the students stay in the UK, and includes visits and regular phone calls with the student. The Bright World Buddy will also upload reports and photos to our Parent Portal, so that Parents can keep track of their childs progress in the UK.



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