Bright World's third WOW Award winner...

The third winner of the Bright World WOW Award 2018/19 is Senior Guardianship Care Manager, Simon King. Simon has worked tirelessly all term and his hard work all paid off when he organised a completely flawless half term event in October this year.  

In previous years, Simon has always commented on how many emails he has every day. The emails have not stopped but Simon's focus and determination to maintain high standards for our clients has meant he has more or less cleared his inbox daily, no mean feat when he often comes in to around 80 new emails each morning during the build up to half term.  

Simon works closely with Fi to allocate host families to his students. Fi was the last winner of the WOW award for September and so it seems that they make a dream team together, as Simon's students are all happy with their homestay arrangements and all arrived safe and sound back to school last week either with their host family, or one of our drivers if they had been home for half term.  

If all the hard work in the office was not enough, Simon took the emergency phone as our Duty Manager on what can be the busiest peak weekend of the year which shows extra dedication to getting things right.  

"Congratulations Simon on a superbly organised half term event. I know that you put in extra hours to make it perfect and I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication you have shown."   Lana Foster, Bright World Managing Director

We will be running a special feature on Simon soon as he also manages our University Guardianship Programme which is a growing element of our service and one that he embraces as part of his job as well as taking care of all his child Guardianship students with Bright World.  

If you are looking for a uk based guardian and host family for an upcoming exeat weekend or half term holiday then please enquire about guardianship here.

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