Bright World Managing Director attends AEGIS AGM

Bright World Managing Director attends AEGIS AGM

Yesterday was the AEGIS (Association of Education Guardians for International Students). Annual General Meeting held at the Royal Overseas League in London.  

The board of Trustees joined with the team of Inspectors, accredited guardianship organisations and a select number of representatives from UK Boarding Schools to review the accounts and the general structure of the organisation.  

AEGIS is the only UK based organisation governing and investing in the inspection of UK Guardianship Organisations whose role is to act on behalf of the student's under their care, as an independent body during their time at UK Boarding School. The guardian should also be there in an emergency situation to act on behalf of parents and is responsible for the student during their short school holidays.

After lunch there was an open forum where inspection framework, child protection training, and how to promote good guardianship were all raised as topics for discussion.  

Lana, Bright World Managing Director (pictured below) is on The AEGIS Marketing & Membership committee; during discussions Lana spoke out about the importance of good guardianship for all students and her belief in the need for a standardisation of package offerings for all nationalities, regardless of whether or not they are from Europe or further afield. Her reasoning was that all boarding students need the same level of care so why offer different packages?

“AEGIS is growing as an organisation and is doing a fantastic job at raising awareness amongst agents, parents and schools of the importance to push towards a regulated industry. The presence of an MP at the latest AEGIS conference held in March is hopefully going to lead to AEGIS putting forward a paper to the House of Commons to encourage the government to acknowledge our industry and establish laws around guardianship for international students in the UK which remains widely unregulated and a grey area.”


Bright World Guardianships has been established since 2000 and is fully accredited by AEGIS. To find out more about our services read our guardianship brochure or visit our website for more information.

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