Bright World lowers initial Guardianship deposit to £1,000

The Directors of Bright World, have today made a decision to lower the initial disbursments deposit to just £1,000 for our guardianship clients. We hope this will help to keep our clients' guardianship fees down. 

We try and keep guardianship fees as low as possible for our clients.  We set the disbursments deposit, which is used for paying host family fees and transportation, at £2,000 as for some students who do not go home at half term and use our transport service this is actually what they will spend in one year.

By only asking for one amount this saves us time. 

However, we appreciate that an outlay of £2,000 as well as the guardianship fees and of course school fees may be too much for some people and also sometimes it is excessive as some students go home at half terms so dont use our host family service.


We hope that this news and our continued efforts to keep guardianship costs low will be welcomed by our clients. 

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