Bright World Launches Relax and Revise

Bright World Launches Relax and Revise

This February, Bright World successfully launched its brand new, London-based alternative to homestay.

Relax and Revise at the Stay Academy serves as an alternative to homestay for students aged 12 plus who want to spend the school holidays with their school friends and in touching distance from London’s most famous landmarks and attractions.


Members of the Head Office team paid a visit to the Stay Academy in Willesden to meet with our students and to see how they were getting along. We received some lovely feedback and some fantastic photographs of our students enjoying their excursions.


Members of the Head Office team paid a visit to the Stay Academy in Willesden


Most of our students said that they were enjoying their stay so much, that they would love to return and even preferred the programme to homestay.


Bissai Maenje, one of our long-standing guardianship students thought he would try Relax and Revise for the first time and he wasn’t disappointed. He said: “I prefer Relax & Revise to a host family. There is less pressure and more freedom to do what I want when I want.”


Lana Foster, Managing Director of BrightworldLana Foster, Managing Director (pictured left): “I am so pleased that this first week of our new course has been such a success. With a few teething problems ironed out in the first day or so the students are really getting into the swing of things and enjoying their stay.”


We are already accepting bookings for our next Relax and Revise course which will take place from 27th May to 5th June for the summer half term. To learn more about Relax and Revise, please visit our Half Term, Easter and Summer Courses page. You can also click here to watch our brand NEW welcome film to learn more about our safe, caring and efficient guardianship services. Our leading programmes are available at over 500 schools and universities across England and Scotland.


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