Bright World joins UNWTOs Protect Children Campaign

Bright World joins UNWTOs Protect Children Campaign

Bright World joins UNWTO and adds its voice to a new global movement to protect children in travel and tourism.

To further our commitment to safeguarding children under our care, we have decided to join UNWTO’s (United Nation’s World Tourism Organisation’s) Protect Children campaign. UNWTO’s work in the field of child protection has spanned over more than fifteen years. The programme aims to prevent all forms of child and youth exploitation in the tourism sector through raising awareness. Both Bright World and UNWTO strongly believe that the tourism industry has a moral obligation to combat child cruelty; this is why we are encouraging the industry to do all that they can to protect children against harm.

In order to show our support and to raise awareness for the campaign, we now proudly display an interactive campaign logo on our website which will direct you to UNWTOs website. We are also dedicated to informing our contacts about the campaign wherever we can and will be planning our very own event for Universal Children’s day on the 20th November 2015. 

Universal Children's Day was established by the United Nations in 1954 to encourage understanding between children and to promote children's welfare cross the globe.Countries around the world celebrate the day in different ways - in some countries children receive presents, in others they take part in events and activities or are allowed a holiday from school.

Claire Taylor joined the team as Bright World’s Director of Safeguarding and OperationsBright World’s aim is to reduce the exposure of children to risk while they study in the UK, thereby keeping them safe and promoting their welfare. Due to our rigorous processes, Bright World was accredited by AEGIS, the Association of Education Guardians for International Students, in 2006 and is a Trusted Partner of Child Safe, gaining Bronze membership status in 2013.

As well as continuing to offer parents and agents a top quality service in terms of fast and efficient response and service, Bright World also aims to be a leading light in safeguarding, constantly looking at  ways to improve and tighten our policies and processes. As a result, former Police Inspector–Claire Taylor [pictured above], joined the team as Bright World’s Director of Safeguarding and Operations this year.     

References, house inspections, interviews and criminal record checks are all part of our Safeguarding Department’s screening process for which we have zero tolerance. This is applied to the recruitment of our staff, Local Coordinators, Bright Wold Drivers and Host Families. If anything causes us to doubt the credibility and suitability of a member of our organisation, then we do not proceed.        

Lana Foster, Managing Director of Brightworld
As an organisation that has been accredited by AEGIS since 2006 and received Bronze Assured Partner status of Child Safe in 2013, we have always been committed to safeguarding the children in our care to the best of our ability. I am very proud to now be able to invest more in top quality staff who will help me to take our safeguarding to another level, as well as continuing to grow our numbers into the future.'

Lana Foster, Managing Director [pictured right]

The Protect Children campaign already enjoys broad support on the part of national governments, tourism boards, other UN agencies as well as partners from the public and private sectors.

More details of Bright World’s Universal Children's Day event are to be released at a later date. 

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