Bright World invests in training with the best

Bright World invests in training with the best

Last month, Director of Safeguarding and Operations, Claire Taylor, attended the Designated Safeguarding Officer training course provided by the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.) The course promised to help anyone responsible with receiving concerns about the safety and welfare of children and young people.

Those attending stood to gain the necessary skills required to act appropriately and confidently to protect the children they work with in a designated child safeguarding role. Bright World’s ex-Police Inspector relished in this opportunity to learn from one of the UK’s leading child protection charities who gained its Royal Charter in 1895, at the hand of Queen Victoria.

“I found the NSPCC Designated Safeguarding Officer training course to be excellent. The content was extremely comprehensive, covered a broad range of topics and was delivered by experienced professionals. The course outlined the importance of dealing with suspected or confirmed risks to a child in a timely manner, the legislation and guidance which informs effective decision making, and how to record and share information with partner agencies. I have used the information gained from the course to enhance Bright World’s safeguarding policies and procedures, further support colleagues in being able to respond appropriately to safeguarding concerns and ensure that our practices are regularly reviewed in line with NSPCC guidance.” Claire Taylor, Director of Safeguarding and Operations.

Bright World invests in training with the best

For most of the year and for the vast majority of our students, things go smoothly and our assistance to them is straightforward. When parents choose an AEGIS-accredited guardianship company they do, of course, expect our screening and safeguarding standards to be high. Occasionally, however, the unexpected occurs and a student may need specialist care and fast and informed action is required. It is on these thankfully rare occasions that the safeguarding infrastructure that Bright World has through training and life knowledge comes into play with the child always at the centre of our actions.  

Bright World is working extremely hard to further improve its training in child protection. In support of the safeguarding training that our staff already receives, the NSPCC now send regular briefings, detailing key updates and reports. These weekly updates are then circulated to all Bright World staff, to ensure the most current and comprehensive information on child protection and safeguarding is available.

By making sure that Bright World has the correct policies in place, we are honouring our responsibility as Guardians to protect our students during their time in the UK.

Therefore, we are consistently tailoring Government policies and procedures, to reflect the uniqueness of Bright World as an organisation and the role in which we play in the development of our international students; whether they are just placed in schools, by our Admissions Department or whether they choose to enrol as a Bright World Guardianship student.

In both cases, we take responsibility and aim to continue to improve and develop our safeguarding and child protection procedures.

You can view all Bright World policies on our policies page as well as more information on our AEGIS accreditation here.

Watch the video below to meet members of the Bright World Safeguarding team, who ensure that all our students have high quality, thoroughly screened host families and drivers for their exeats and half terms.


Watch the video to meet members of the Bright World Safeguarding team

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