Bright World Half Term holiday Autumn 2009 a great success

The Autumn Half term 2009 is finished and all our students had a great time and are now nearly all safely back at school.  We want to thank our brilliant host families for taking such good care of them.

Many of our students go home for their first half term so we are busy arranging their safe transfer to and from airports.  This weekend passed was our biggest half term arrival in history and all went very smoothly.  Minor problems included students not being able to find their drivers straight away.  Of course the drivers were there holding their yellow Bright World boards with the student names clearly on it but even so students do not find them.  We are used to this though and they just need to call our emergency number or the driver and we soon hook them up together. 

Those students who stayed in the UK for the half term holiday enjoyed themselves very much.  Anyone staying with a host family for the first time was visited by their Bright World Buddy, our Local Coordinator who went to make sure they were happy and settled.  

Above you will see one of our favourite host families, Margaret Hann, with Rita and Maggie who although they only arrived in September, are already part of the family.  

read more about our host familes and if you are interested in becoming part of the Bright World Host Family team.  

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