Bright World attend Cambridge Education Group Training Day

Charlotte Hamson (Sales & Marketing Manager for Bright World), Kiki (YZL Education Consultancy) Poppi (YZL Education Consultancy)

Bright world were extremely honoured to have been invited to Cambridge Education Group's Priority Partner training day.

After a brief introduction Partners were treated to an interactive seminar at the Grange Holborn Hotel in London yesterday.

Regional Manager, Rory Curley ran the session and began with a quick summary of the eclectic mix of courses offered by CEG Institutions. Rory then explained that the day would be focused on CATS Colleges (Canterbury, Cambridge & London) and Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts (CSVPA.)

CATS Courses range from Pre-foundation courses, for students who have not completed their GCSE's or the equivalent in their respective countries right though to a Pre-Masters qualification, for students preparing for a Masters degree and provide courses affiliated with some of the most respected Universities and specialist Higher education institutions in the UK: RADA, (The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) UAL, (University of the Arts London) and Kingston University to name a few.

Throughout the day Partners were reminded of the impressive statistics which sets CATS and other CEG courses from the rest. Arguably one of the most staggering was that 65% of Arts students who studied at Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts in 2012 were offered places at the prestigious University of Arts London (UAL) with 100% receiving offers to some of the UK’s TOP Arts Universities.


 So why such impressive numbers we asked?


With class sizes not exceeding 12 students and excellent one to one attention, it seems it is the concentrated expertise of the staff that contributes to the ‘CATS’ experience and sees international students succeeding and progressing on to top Universities and great careers.

 Cambridge Education Group Training Day

 The Art room

With the first few hours of training completed. Bright World Sales and Marketing Manager, Charlotte Hamson ventured on to the streets of Holborn to visit the London campus which proved to be just as boutique and specialist as promised.

Back to the hotel and partners were introduced to the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts (CSVPA). This being perhaps the most creative and exciting part of the day, partners were invited to create a few pieces of a scrap book. The aim to understand the creative process which is expected of ALL visual and creative arts students who wish to compete in a highly competive UK job market.


After a long but highly informative day partners were treated to some refreshments and went their separate way home.

Bright World would like to say a massive thanks to Rory and the rest of the team at Cambridge Education Group for a fantastic day!


If you would like to apply to CATS College or CSVPA. Pleaseenquire online today!

For further information, or if you are interested in learning more about placement and uk guardianship, please get in touch with Sales & Marketing Manager, Charlotte Hamson via email call 01273 835745 or visit our website.



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