Box Hill School comes 9th in the County in DFE Tables

For the second time we are hearing about league tables, from the headmaster of Bright World partners, Box Hill School; However this time its about the impressive IB scores.

Box Hill is a very highly respected UK Boarding school and this has now been demonstrated further with the new DfE tables showing them to be in...

 ...The top ten schools in Surrey – ninth in fact.

 The tables are calculated on translating the IB scores into A/AS level equivalence and then giving both a numerical value. Box Hill are now ninth in there are of Surrey.

Mark Eagers expressed his bewilderment at the dramatic change in results when looking at Box Hills GCSE Scores.

 …However, quite how such an apparently poor performing school at GCSE (not 53% but 72% - see last letter) suddenly becomes at the same time one of the best performing schools in Surrey at Key Stage 5, defeats me. It shows just how adrift the GCSE scoring system is…

 The headmaster went on to say how proud he was of the students academic performance at both GCSE and IB level.


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