Boarding Schools in England

Boarding schools in England are, thankfully, no longer the cold, intimidating places portrayed in Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Stalky and Co’ or Lyndsay Anderson’s 1968 film ‘If’. Since the 1980’s, when the UK Government introduced the Child Act, boarding schools in England have changed completely the way they operate in terms of pastoral care, facilities and teaching without completely destroying their most important traditions. In many respects, this has enabled the independent schools industry to enjoy its most successful period since the 1950’s.FREE placement and guardianship service for all UK boarding schools found as a highlighted school in the UK boarding schools list.

Bright World Education has found that competition amongst boarding schools in England is now particularly fierce, and the all important school league tables have either become the pride or dread of many a school in Britain. This, together with increasingly stringent Government inspections, has meant that the poor quality boarding schools in England have been subject to the natural forces of competition over the last 20 years and closed down - therefore ensuring that many schools in the UK are of very good quality.

Many schools can now offer a wide range of facilities to cater for all the needs of their students. This has been particularly important since they need to attract the ever-increasing demand from international students. But what other factors attract parents from overseas to send their child thousands of miles to one of the many boarding schools here in the UK?

Boarding schools in England are seeped in tradition and prestige. Name a member of royalty anywhere in the world and there is a strong possibility that they have studied at one of the boarding schools here in Britian. The snob factor of telling your friends that your son or daughter studies in an English public school where a notable person attended must surely instil enormous pride!

For generations, boarding schools in England have also been perceived as institutions where a child can get both an excellent education and firm grounding needed for the outside world. As important as academia, schools also encourage team playing in sports such as rugby and cricket. Friendships will be made that will last a lifetime. As part of the ‘old boy network’, ex-students can also forge influential relationships which may be beneficial for their business and career. It is probably no wonder, then, that parents are attracted to the idea!

Bright World has had its finger on the pulse of the UK education industry for nearly ten years and can boast a unique insight into Scottish, Welsh, and English boarding schools. As a placement agency, Bright World offers a wide choice of schools for parents to send their child. The advantages they offer are unrivalled market intelligence and close working relationships with a large number of the schools that they promote.

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