Boarding Schools for girls in England

Whatever kind of independent UK boarding school you're looking for for your child – a small preparatory school or a large senior school, a boys', girls' or co-educational school, a specialist music or performing arts school, or an international study centre to prepare your son or daughter for life at a UK boarding school – Bright World Education can help you. This article deals with the choice of a Boarding School for Girls.  


Why Choose an all Girls' School? 


Bright World Education and Guardianships work with some super Boarding Schools for Girls such as:

Cobham Hall School for Girls
Heathfield School for Girls
Heathersett Old Hall School for Girls
Lavant House for Girls
Priors Field for Girls
Royal School for Girls
St Marys Hall for Girls
St Teresas School for Girls

In an all-girls environment your daughter is free to become her best self. Young girls start to find boys annoying as they can dominate the classroom; older girls become over-concerned about boys’ opinions. When girls want to concentrate they don’t want to feel that their teacher is spending more time keeping the boys focussed; when they want to express their opinion they don’t want to be worrying about whether the boys agree.

In an all-girls school everything from teaching styles to pastoral care, from the curriculum to the extra curricular programme, from the uniform to the school play, from the range of sports on offer to the myriad opportunities for teamwork and leadership, all are girl-centred.

Girls care what others think of them and your daughter’s confidence and self esteem can be limited if she feels boys will criticise her for her appearance, her abilities or her views. Without boys in her school she may stay a child for a little longer: free to play, less concerned about her appearance. She can aim to be the best mathematician without worrying if she will be thought less feminine. She can be a team leader and not worry whether she should concede this role to a boy. She can enjoy playing the male lead in the school production.

Girls’ friendships are different and stronger in the absence of boys. Your daughter can share her secrets and rely on the support of her girl friends without the added rivalries that the presence of boys brings.

Girls get all the opportunities to take on leadership roles in school from Form Captain to Head Prefect. To them it is natural that girls can, and do, lead. This instils confidence and helps them develop those valuable “soft skills” that are highly valued in the world beyond school.

In a girls’ school your daughter will be free, during her formative years, to flourish, to become confident and to achieve. She will learn where her talents and interests lie, who she is and how she relates to others.

Contact Sheena Trist today at Bright World for more information and advice on placing your daughter in a Boarding School for Girls.  

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