Blink for Taxis Has Arrived

Blink for Taxis is Here!

Bright World is very excited to announce that Blink for Taxis is officially up and running. 

All of our students already benefit from our cloud-based online portal with reports, visits, parents evening information and feedback forms available at the click of a button; but now, Bright World’s drivers can also reap the benefits.

From now on, transfer requests will be sent from our Accommodation and Travel Department straight to the taxi company’s Blink account. The taxi company will then be able to input any data that needs to be updated and a confirmation will be sent straight to the client and their school contacts. This confirmation email will include transfer details and the driver’s profile.

So how does this improve our service?

Long gone are the days of emailing countless transfer confirmations thanks to Blink!

As our Accommodation and Travel Department will no longer be receiving a huge volume of confirmation emails, they will now have the time to ensure that all transfers are confirmed within 48 hours, improving the speed that Bright World confirms transfers with clients.

As well as this, prices now have to be given in advance for all transfers in order for them to be confirmed by the taxi company. This means that our Finance Department can quickly compare the price quoted with the price invoiced (plus any extra itemised charges) to avoid any financial confusion.

Bright World constantly strives to improve the service that we provide and we hope that all of our students, parents, drivers and partner schools will be as happy with this update as we are.

Bright World can place students at over 250 UK Boarding Schools. For further information, or if you are interested in finding out more about placement and uk guardianship, please get in touch via our enquiry form

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