Be a Safer Internet Day Ambassador

Be a Safer Internet Day Ambassador

On Safer Internet Day 2018, we asked YOU to perform your duty as a Bright World ambassador of online safety with our #ItStartsWithUs campaign.

Safer Internet Day 2018

This year the day took place on Tuesday 6th February, with the theme ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect: a better internet starts with you.’

Celebrated globally and coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre, the campaign saw hundreds of schools and organisations join together to raise awareness of online safety issues, and run events and activities right across the UK. The aim is to continue spreading information and furthering awareness, and as a result of last year’s collective action, Safer Internet Day 2017 reached 3 million children and 2 million parents across the UK. This year, with increased participation, they hope to have reached more people than ever.

Campaign to make Safer Internet Day 2018 the biggest yet

Schools, companies, police services, charities and other organisations across the UK were invited to get involved in the campaign to inspire the safe and positive use of technology. Last year over a thousand organisations supported the day, and this year Safer Internet Centre were aiming even higher.

As usual, the campaign created a huge buzz right across the UK and globally. There were national youth events, activities in schools across the UK, media coverage, a day of trending on social media, and many companies spreading the word to customers and employees, with the aim to reach as many children and families across the UK as possible.

How did Bright World support the cause?

This year’s social media campaign was asking people to show how they can unite for a better internet. Using the hashtag #ItStartsWithUs, people were asked to design a jigsaw piece, displaying their pledge to do something positive online. The idea was that the jigsaw shows how your actions fit in with the actions of those around you, with the aim of creating a better, safer internet. This was Bright World’s jigsaw piece…

Be a Safer Internet Day Ambassador

In order to satisfy our pledge, we contacted all our current guardianship students, partner agents, schools, and host families, containing the two-page “Online Safety Advice” spread taken from our Student Handbook. We reminded these people not only of the advice shared, but also of their duty as an ambassador of online safety- it is everyone’s duty to reinforce these messages and act in a positive manner online. 

Online Safety Advice - Brightworld Student Handbook

Click to see full handbook

Together we can make a positive difference

As a result of hearing about Safer Internet Day 2017, an evaluation found that the majority of children spoke to their families about staying safe online, while 79% felt more confident about how to deal with anything worrying that they encountered online. As a result of the day, 1 in 4 young people said they spoke up about something that had been worrying them online.

You can find out more about Safer Internet Day here. #SID2018


Bright World shows full commitment to safeguarding and promoting the
welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. Click here to find out more about our leading guardianship programme for international students.

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