AEGIS: Tested and Passed

AEGIS: Tested and Passed

Bright World were recently re-inspected by AEGIS. Read on to view a Summary of our Inspection Report. 

Guardianship plays an important part in the boarding school sector, helping schools to uphold their duty of care and to ensure the safety of their students throughout the academic year, even when the school is closed. Unbelievably, Guardianship is an industry that remains largely unregulated. This means that anyone can start a guardianship organisation and no-one will check on them - shocking isn't it?  

March 2017 AEGIS Re-inspection Report 

Bright World Guardianships was first inspected and passed its AEGIS inspection in 2006. We were, at this time, considered to be an excellent organisation.

We have grown a lot since 2006 and we now aim to lead the way in safeguarding for guardianship with a programme design that has evolved over the years, moving with the times to meet the needs of this ever-changing world. We are now re-inspected every five years. Our most recent re-inspection has been taking place since January 2017 and culminated in the Inspector coming to our office for a full day at the beginning of March.

In total, 33 schools responded to the AEGIS questionnaire and 96.6% of the responders said that they would happily recommend the service of Bright World. We were delighted with this figure as although schools do not directly recommend to parents they can and do indicate those companies with whom they have had good experiences.

The students that were interviewed offered excellent feedback too. Good contact with our students really can make the biggest difference to the life of a student in the UK at boarding school. Having someone independent to confide in is a huge comfort to them and to parents.

According to AEGIS, our host families were well informed as to their responsibilities and understood their role in the complex role of the guardianship company. Overseas parents offered very positive and constructive feedback and were overwhelmingly happy with the quality of service they receive.

AEGIS: Tested and Passed

Areas that were analysed..

  • Paperwork & Policies
    Contracts, terms and conditions and application forms. Policies and processes.
  • Training
    Sighting our Staff, Host Family and Driver Child Protection Training
  • Screening
    Verifying that we screen and check all staff, host families and drivers.
  • Service Proving
    That we are offering an excellent service to our customers.
  • Support Checking
    That our student care plan is sufficient and offers ample care and support to our students.
  • Safety
    That our processes and policies are all geared to keeping children safe while they study

We are very proud of the results and of the report. Please click the image below to view an enlarged version of our statistics.

Brightworld - AEGIS Tested and Passed

“Having just been through the inspection process, I was very impressed with the thorough audit that AEGIS’ contracted inspectors at Taylor Education conducted on us. The visits to schools, host families, students and to our satellite offices were efficient and thorough, leaving no stone unturned. A questionnaire was sent to every parent, host family and school to check on our processes and practises and to ensure that our training was thorough. We then spent 6 hours face to face with the Inspector and our paperwork and systems were analysed very thoroughly. We were literally grilled on everything. I wouldn’t want it any other way as being accredited by AEGIS is not easy and we want parents to understand this and the importance of choosing a guardianship company who has been through these regular checks” - Lana Foster, Managing Director

The concluding paragraph from the report reads:

"Bright World is a highly efficient Guardianship Organisation that provides a quality service for the large number of students that they care for.

Children’s safety and welfare is at the heart of the service that they provide, and systems to help ensure that students are kept safe whilst their care are robust overall, with the recording of checks on health and safety elements within the Homestays being suitably strengthened. Bright World’s levels of communication with schools and the quality of Homestay accommodation were both noted as significant strengths by the Supporting Inspector.

Practice at Bright World is strong overall and the Lead Inspector would therefore fully recommend that Bright World are re-accredited."

The full Re-inspection Report can be found below in both English and Chinese:

  AEGIS Re-inspection Summary Report 2017 English                    AEGIS Re-inspection Summary Report 2017 Mandarin

                         AEGIS Re-inspection Summary Report 2017          AEGIS Re-inspection Summary Report 2017 
                                                (English)                                                             (Mandarin)


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