AEGIS and BSA announce 'ground-breaking' partnership

AEGIS and BSA announce 'ground-breaking' partnership

The Boarding Schools Association (BSA) and the Association for the Education and Guardianship for International Students (AEGIS) have announced an exciting new partnership to promote higher standards.

We believe that this will be a great step forward for UK guardianship for international students in UK Boarding Schools; an industry which remains unregulated by the UK Government and a somewhat ‘grey area.’

Guardianship plays an important part in the boarding school sector, helping schools to uphold their duty of care and to ensure the safety of their students throughout the academic year, even when the school is closed. With so many Guardianship Organisations to choose from, AEGIS continues to do their best to help parents by offering an Assessment and Inspection framework in order to assess the quality of UK guardianship organisations.

This new partnership, we hope, will help empower Schools, Parents and Agents to insist on AEGIS accredited guardianship for all international students studying at UK Boarding Schools.

AEGIS and BSA will remain separate organisations, but AEGIS Chair Dr Helen Wright will attend board meetings of BSA, and BSA CEO Robin Fletcher will attend meetings of AEGIS trustees and AEGIS Executive Officer Yasemin Wigglesworth will also be joining BSA’s Senior Leadership Team.

In a joint statement, Dr Helen Wright and BSA Chairman Martin Reader said: “AEGIS and BSA are very excited by this ground-breaking partnership. Working in partnership means AEGIS and BSA can extend their services to members and work to raise the standards of guardianship.”

Bright World Guardianships is now in its 18th year of operation and we decided to become members of AEGIS back in 2006 for guidance on good practice. We achieved  re-accreditation in 2017 – here were our results:

AEGIS accreditation in 2017 – here were our results

You can view our full re-inspection report by clicking on the brochure below.

AEGIS re-inspection report

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