Adcote School - an important new parter school for Bright World

Bright World is very pleased to let you know about Adcote School in Shropshire.  We have known of and worked with the school for many years but this year and since we have opened our guardianship service in the area, our relationship is becoming stronger.

Not only are we actively working with the school in our placements department, recommending our students to attend the school but we have established a close link for guardianship services at the school.   

Our Local Coordinator, Judith Morton Nash, is very impressed with the school and visits regularly to see our guardianship students there and to catch up with the boarding and main school staff. 

Our Local Coordinator to Adcote School, Judith Morton Nash 

Judith is the Bright World Local Coordinator for Shropshire and takes great care of all our students at Adcote and other schools in the area.

Adcote School is a thriving boarding and day school for 170 girls. Despite its imposing exterior, the school is proud of their welcoming, friendly and unpretentious reputation. The School’s size means that the children, staff and parents really get to know each other.

International sgirls studying at Adcote are fully integrated into School life and made to feel very much part of the family. They are fortunate to be located in a beautiful and safe rural setting with a magnificent Grade I listed building. We have 27 acres of beautifully landscaped parkland surrounding the school.

Perhaps Adcote’s greatest achievement is the variety and breadth of education that it provides for its pupils. Both day girls and boarders benefit from excellent tuition in a range of activities including tennis, horse riding, gymnastics and swimming as well as plenty of healthy competition with local schools in netball, hockey and other sports.

Adcote School provides superb value for money, termly fees are inclusive and bursaries for overseas students are available. If, as a parent, you are looking for a British boarding school which delivers ‘traditional excellence’ in every sense of the word then Adcote School is your answer.

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