WOW - what a term - read about the new Bright World Guardianship staff awards

WOW - what a term - read about the new Bright World Guardianship staff awards

WOW What a year - Bright World’s MD Lana Foster looks back at the past year and congratulates our guardianship team on another successful intake.

Anyone can be a guardian - but not everyone can be a good one. Anyone can create a website and call themselves a guardian (and many do) but actually running a good, safe, efficient programme is quite something else.

Somebody said to me the other day; 'Lana, your service is so great - I don't know how you do it!"  At Bright World we, of course, know exactly how we do it. 

Teamwork is king 

At Bright World teamwork is vital to the smooth running of the organisation. Happy staff working together tend to want to remain working at the organisation and this means that year on year more and more experience is gained and the programme just gets better and better. 

The Bright World WOW Awards and our Autumn Term 2018 winners 

The first winner was named as Leanne Poole, Travel and Accommodation Manager at Bright World. With Leanne's scrutinous checking of all our arrival arrangements with taxi companies and her fastidious eye for detail, Bright World has now welcomed ALL our students back, with absolutely NO avoidable issues. This is a superb achievement and one well worth stopping and recognising and certainly deserves a big WOW from us all.  

The second winner of the Bright World WOW Award 2018/19 went to our Accommodation and Travel Manager, Fi Williamson for outstanding work in successfully placing students with host families. The only way we can really measure how successful we have been is by reading the Exeat Phone Call reports that are made by Local Coordinators when a student stays with a host family for the first time. We also send students an easy to complete Feedback Form. Almost every student we have placed has had a really great time and is actually looking forward to future half terms and exeats with their Bright World host family. 

The third winner of the Bright World WOW Award 2018/19 is Senior Guardianship Care Manager, Simon King. Simon has worked tirelessly all term and his hard work all paid off when he organised a completely flawless half term event in October this year. If all the hard work in the office was not enough, Simon took the emergency phone as our Duty Manager on what can be the busiest peak weekend of the year which shows extra dedication to getting things right.

Congratulations to all our winners this term and we are looking forward to seeing who wins the next WOW award in January. 


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