Why is my UK boarding school asking me to appoint a guardian?

Why is my UK boarding school asking me to appoint a guardian?

You’ve just arrived at school, you’re all set to start your first term and you are asked for the name of your nominated UK guardian. So, what is a guardian, and why is your school asking you to appoint one?

For many overseas students who are entering the UK for the first time, a guardian (or “gaurdian”- as we often see it wrongly spelt), is an unfamiliar concept. Naturally, this can cause a lot of confusion, and it doesn’t help that some schools and agents disappointingly neglect to mention the topic of guardianship, until a student has already confirmed their place and in some cases arrived at school. It is sometimes conveyed as being somewhat unimportant.

We can however assure you that this is certainly not the case. In fact is the majority of UK boarding schools now insist ALL overseas students have a UK guardian, and for a very good reason. A guardian should be a responsible adult living in the UK who can be there in an emergency situation, on behalf of parents and during any periods when the child is not in school. For those parents who do not have a family friend to act as guardian, then they have the opportunity of choosing their own Guardian services in the form of a UK Guardianship Organisation, such as Bright World, who will act in Loco Parentis for their child. This not only satisfies the Boarding School requirements but also the UKVI guidelines to help keep international students safe while they are not in school and are unaccompanied.  

For international students studying in a high school in the UK, enrolling on a guardianship service can help in the visa application process. The UKVI states that for all child visa applicants, “all children studying in the UK must have suitable care arrangements in place for their travel, reception at port and living arrangements while here”.

Indeed, as guardians, it is our duty to assist with all these arrangements. As well as being available 24/7, we arrange host family stay and residential courses for school exeat weekends and half terms, organise airport transfers and other journeys, and remain in constant contact with all of our students. We aim to be their “go-to” and their confidant for any issues they might encounter whilst living and studying in the UK.

Why has my UK boarding school asked me to appoint a guardian?

With no regulation to date within the Guardianship industry, it is vital parents choose an Aegis guardianship agency, who has been fully screened, accredited and checked out.

So why choose Bright World.......

  • Bright World has been accredited by AEGIS since 2006, who re-inspect Guardianship Organisations every four years. In our 2017 re-inspection we achieved outstanding results in the re-accreditation which was carried out by impartial ISI trained inspectors. Please click here to read our 2017 Re-inspection Report Summary; the report is also available Russian and Mandarin.  
  • We have a 24 hour response policy that we constantly exceed.
  • We invest in Child Protection and Safeguarding and have a dedicated Safeguarding Department and we follow our Policy closely and with ZERO TOLERANCE Click here to view our Safeguarding Policy.
  • Read our Parent Guide to get the full picture of the service you will receive if you choose Bright World.


If you’re still looking for a professional guardian while your child studies here at UK Boarding School, it’s not too late. For more information, you can give us a call on +44 1273 835745, or enquire now. If you would like to apply, you can do so here.

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