Guardianship is Like a Great Big Onion

Guardianship is Like a Great Big Onion

At Bright World we truly believe that until a Parent or a School has experienced Bright World Guardianships 'in action' they have very little idea of what we actually do. Some people seem to think we just arrange the occasional taxi transfer and host families for half term.  

In the entire package that makes up a British Boarding School experience in the UK, an international student's guardian  provides an important extra blanket of care inside the UK that goes a long way to replacing their parent, who is not resident here. Once a Parent starts their journey with us, they start to realise
how much we actually do and the many, many aspects of service that we provide, either as a matter of course or unexpectedly in an emergency. 

At the centre of everything we do is the child. Bright World Guardianships wraps our students in layer upon layer of care, service and welfare support. Let's compare guardianship to a great big Onion.  

 Pre-Enrolment Counselling 

Even before a parent enrols on our programme, our recruitment team works hard to make sure we are right for them and can facilitate the sometimes very specific requirements they may have. Our online Host Family selection tool and Do It Yourself Quotation Tool allows parents to feel a part of the decision making process and fully informed on their choices. We can 'sound out' host families for their availability even before parents’ book with us and give them a partial profile of the host family at that stage.  


The Bright World Buddy 

If something goes wrong at school, someone is being unkind to you, you are worried about your studies, something is worrying you - who do you turn to if your Mum and Dad are thousands of miles away and they are busy at work or asleep when you need them due to time differences?  A student's Bright World Buddy offers an important extra layer of care and someone to turn to who is independent from the school and will not judge. Bright World Local Coordinators are fully trained by us in Child Protection so know what to do and who to contact. We shouldn't underestimate how important the extra support of a Bright World Buddy is to the majority of students. 

Head Office Care Team - Highly trained to deliver a fast response and careful handling of many different situations  

Our Head Office team is placed nearer the core of the onion for a very good reason. They coordinate thousands of airport transfers with our many drivers each year, minutely checking and double-checking that all is organised. The Guardianship Care Managers work closely with our parents and their agents on up to 16 student events each year, making sure that the sometimes quite complicated arrangements are properly managed and everyone involved knows exactly what is happening. 


24/7 Emergency Service  

Parents, schools and students gain an extra level of peace of mind in the knowledge that just because our office is closed they are not alone. We always have a qualified member of the team on hand 24/7 via email or at the end of a phone to help out in an emergency, with 2 people on duty during peak times. 


Host Family Accommodation 

Finding good people who fit are criteria is not that easy.  Seeking out families who are genuinely interested in the experience of hosting a student and will welcome our overseas students as part of the family is our first priority.  Then all our families are fully screened with a criminal record check carried out on each adult in the family.  To find others' opinions on them, we take up references for everyone in the house. Our house inspections are so rigorous that we even check gas certificates and working smoke alarms.  This is all in a day's work for Bright World and with great results. 95% of our students stay with the same family for their entire guardianship with us.  The other 5 percent move schools, request a change or the host family needs to pull out for good reasons.


Residential holiday options 

Not everyone wants to stay with a host family and prefer to have more independence during their holidays. To give our students as many options as possible, we have designed a programme just for boarding school students, at Cambridge Melchior College. CMC operate The fantastic Relax & Revise programme for us.  


Bright World on the Cloud - Real time information at your fingertips

With so many people involved across the world, it is important to Bright World that we keep ahead of the game in terms of our digital presence. Our portal, Blink, gives the outside world access to up to date real time information such as taxi transfer confirmations with photos and data on drivers, host family profiles and progress and welfare reports.  



Safeguarding is the onion skin, securing everything together and surrounding everything we do.  Parents choosing Bright World can be assured that the safety, security and wellbeing of the child comes before everything else. 


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