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From wardrobe tricks to reheating the perfect pizza, Bright World has got some great tips that will make student life a little bit easier and a lot more creative.

Soggy pizza, be gone!Soggy pizza, be gone!
It’s lunch time and you’ve saved a few pizza slices from the weekend. Unfortunately, re-heated pizza will never taste as good as when it is freshly baked…or will it? Try putting a bowl of water in the microwave with your pizza. It keeps the base crispy and the toppings soft- just make sure that you use a microwaveable dish.

Amazing spacesAmazing spaces
When there is limited space in your wardrobe, it’s highly likely that piles of clothes will end up on your bedroom floor. To keep your room clean, or even to plan outfits in advance, attach ring-pulls to the hooks of your clothes hangers. Now you can hook a second hanger onto the ring pull and double the space in your wardrobe.

Get the party started
It’s your friend’s birthday and you’ve decided to throw an impromptu party. As the designated DJ, give your phone speakers a boost by popping your phone in a bowl or a cup.



Spillage solutions
Got some nail polish on your clothes? Alcohol based products will break down the nail polish easily. Try hand sanitizer, hairspray, body mist, perfume, or spray deodorant. They will take a little time to work and you can scrape off the polish with ease.

Is it hot in here?
If your laptop is overheating, use an empty egg carton to make a temporary laptop tray. It’s sturdy and allows the air to circulate easily. To stop YOU from overheating, put a wet paper towel around your drinks in the fridge or freezer to cool them down quicker.

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